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Extended unemployment benefits and stimulus payments gave Americans a much-needed boost at the start of the pandemic when businesses were shutting their doors and the future was so uncertain.  However, these programs have outlived their usefulness.  Employers are hiring as evidenced by the “Help Wanted” signs everywhere you turn.  Why should you return to work before your benefits are terminated?

EMPLOYERS ARE OFFERING THE BEST PAY RATES NOW    There is such a shortage of qualified talent in the labor pool that employers are increasing pay rates to lure candidates.  If you wait until the market is flooded with people searching for jobs, you may see pay rates go down, because employers will have more choices to fill their openings.

 YOU HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO GET YOUR FOOT IN THE DOOR AT THE MOST SOUGHT-AFTER COMPANIES   Everyone is hiring!!  If you have heard that Company A is the best place in town, now is your chance.

 AVOID GAPS IN YOUR RESUME   In the future, when employers review your work history, they will see that you did not work for a time period and will require an explanation.  Do not let “I was waiting for my unemployment to run out” be your excuse!

How can Temporary Connections help you?  We have been in the business over 35 years and partner with the best companies in the area.  Working with a staffing company gives you the opportunity to “try on ” different assignments at different companies.  We can find the perfect fit for you.  Since January 2021, 40 of our associates have been hired on a permanent basis with client companies.  That translates to pay increases and benefits (health insurance! paid vacations!) offered by these employers.

So, get off of the couch and call us today!