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We are pleased to offer valuable and beneficial healthcare coverage to all employees and their families, including temporary staff!

Fixed Indemnity Medical

The ESC Fixed Indemnity Medical plan is designed to cover the most common medical needs at an easy-to-afford price. Fixed Indemnity pays a flat amount for each covered claim such as doctor’s office visits, prescription drugs, occupational therapy, urgent care, and other day-to-day claims. These fixed benefits are based upon national averages of healthcare expenses and incorporate one of the largest networks in the country that accepts ESC claims payments directly.

Plan Benefits and Features Include:

  • No Waiting Periods
  • No Co-pays or Deductibles
  • Coverage for Your Family and Dependents
  • Doctor’s Office Visits
  • PlushCare Virtual Primary Care Services
  • Lab & X-Ray Services
  • Wellness Checkups
  • Access to Over 1 Million Healthcare Professionals Nationwide
  • Surgical Benefits
  • Ambulance Services
  • Prescription Drug Benefits
  • Emergency Room & Urgent Care Coverage

Did You Know?

84% of workers incur less than $5,000 per year in medical expenses and 95% incur less than $15,000 per year in medical expenses*. This means the vast majority of employees do not incur enough medical expense to overcome their deductible and therefore pay out-of-pocket for all their costs. The ESC Fixed Indemnity plan helps pay for day-to-day medical expenses without the high deductibles major medical plans require.
* Milliman Distribution of Healthcare Expenses Brief for IAG


NOTE: Fixed Indemnity is an excepted supplemental healthcare plan, not a Major Medical plan, that is designed to provide a fixed dollar amount used to cover basic healthcare needs.


The dental plan pays a portion of the costs for dental claims like exams, cleaning, fillings, and other dental work. The plan covers more procedures the longer coverage is carried.

Term Life

The Term Life plan pays life insurance up to $10,000 to a selected beneficiary. This plan can also cover dependents.

Short-Term Disability

The Short-Term Disability plan covers 60% of expected salary (up to $150 per week) for up to 26 weeks if the insured becomes disabled and is unable to work.

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