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You may have heard us say that clients can “try” a temp before they “buy” into the hiring process.  The biggest advantage of this concept is to reduce the cost of a bad hire to a company.  Bad hires usually reveal themselves in the first three to six months of employment.  When a company releases a bad hire after that time, they may feel that they have only lost those few months’ salary.  However, consider the additional direct costs which include:

  • Cost of placing ads for recruitment
  • Cost of reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates and checking resumes, backgrounds and references
  • Cost of training the Bad Hire
  • Cost of redoing work the Bad Hire had done

To reduce these risks, “try before you buy”.  Temporary Connections performs interviews with every applicant who walks in our door.  If your company is interested in a candidate that applies directly to you, you may put them on our payroll first.  You can see how potential hires will fit in with your staff, your culture and the job itself before committing to hiring them yourself.  You get the freedom and flexibility of trying the candidates who interviewed well without worrying about the many costs and drawbacks of the Bad Hire.

The “try before you buy” concept also benefits the employees.  What better way to know if you want to work at a company than to see it from the inside as a temp?  What’s more, if you decide it is not for you, you can leave for another assignment (with notice). The short-term work does not negatively affect your work history.  The time with our company incorporates the cumulative total of all assignments.

Call Temporary Connections, Inc. today and let us save you time and money by not making a bad hiring decision.  We are committed to solving staffing problems for our valued clients!