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Does your company have an Unemployment Insurance (UI) Management Program?  The pandemic, coupled with extended benefits and stimulus checks, has created an environment in which businesses have been overwhelmed by unemployment claims.  In April 2020, unemployment claims spiked to almost 7 million.  Compare that to claims during the Great Recession of 2009 that did not even reach the 1 million mark!  (Data obtained from the Department of Labor).

With claims at unprecedented levels, what can employers do?  There are 53 UI systems in the country so KNOW YOUR STATE’S REQUIREMENTS FOR PROCESSING CLAIMS.  My business is located in North Carolina so I can only speak to my state’s requirements.  Visit https://unemploymenttracker.com/ for information for your state.  Monitor your UI tax rate.  This is the only tax rate that is completely under an employer’s control.  Check your quarterly charges against determinations received for claims. An average of 13 of all unemployment insurance charges to a company’s account are overpaid.  Appeal or protest fraudulent claims and claims that have no basis for unemployment.  There may be charges that you are not aware of because you did not receive a Request for Separation in the mail or it did not appear on your state’s portal.  In 2020, portals were overwhelmed, state agencies experienced their own staffing deficiencies and there were mail and fax issues.

So, again, monitor your account for all charges.  In addition, RESPOND to every claim in a timely manner.  No response equals a charge against your account!  Assign an individual or team to your Unemployment Insurance Management Program and get those claims under control and save money!