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As stated in the previous blog, businesses have been inundated with unemployment claims since April, 2020.  In addition to monitoring your account for charges, what else can you do?  Are you aware of the Integrity Requirement?  The Unemployment Insurance Integrity Act of 2011 enforces (in some states) penalties for not responding to Requests for Separation Information in a timely/adequate manner.  No response could also result in a penalty.  Again, check your states’ employment website to ensure compliance and avoid penalties.

Developing a UI Management Program can save your company money by:

  • Avoiding UI Integrity Act Penalties
  • Preventing UI Tax Rate increases
  • Receiving refunds of overpayments and incorrect charges

To use your UI Management Program effectively:

  • Respond to ALL UI Claim notices in a timely manner (within the deadline)
  • Provide sufficient separation details
  • Track every step of the process from receipt of notice to receipt of determination
  • Participate in hearings (the majority of hearings are via telephone)
  • Review all charges and appeal incorrect charges
  • Protest UI Tax Rates

I would like to credit Andrea Frederick and Cormac Fox with Unemployment Tracker for providing valuable information for managing unemployment claims.